Job Overview:

FoxNext Games is looking for an experienced combat system designer to join our Marvel super hero, mobile, strategy RPG team! The ideal candidate will understand how game balance, controls, and aesthetics interact to create a compelling combat experience in the context of a free-to-play mobile RPG. Additionally, the candidate will be an avid player of RPG's and strategy games across multiple platforms, console and mobile, with a deep understanding of social and free-to-play frameworks.

  • Balance and tune character combat abilities
  • Work with combat designers to exercise and expand the possibility space within the combat system and economy
  • Craft character abilities that create strategic depth and demonstrate character personality through the action
  • Work across disciplines to guide content creation, including animation, VFX, icons, and engineering needs
  • Write flavor and gameplay text for characters and items
  • Maintain a deep understanding of game modes, economic systems, and upcoming features to maximize character value
  • Maintain a deep understanding of a wide variety of player motivations based on player type and game factors
  • Previous experience as a combat or level designer
  • Experience with game engines and tools, such as Unity or Unreal
  • 3+ years of experience shipping AAA console, PC, or mobile titles in design roles
  • Ability to direct, collaborate, and speak critically on game systems, story, art, and content development
  • A deep passion for strategy and RPG games
  • A strong understanding of modern mobile game development
  • Experience using spreadsheet tools such as Excel and Google Docs
  • Strong aesthetic, pacing and balance comprehension
  • Strong UI design skills and understanding of resource systems
  • Strong sensitivity to gameplay and social game design, understanding how to build needs and emotions in the context of a game
  • Familiarity with probability, statistical concepts, and expected value calculations
  • Strong analytical and formal thinking, able to break problems down in their key variables and identify the relations between them
  • A deep understanding of social, mobile, and free-to-play game systems and economies
  • Previous experience leading a design team
  • A passion for Marvel comics and movies
  • Experience with scripting, C#, object-oriented programming, and/or javascript
  • Shipped or supported live ops for 1+ games targeted for mobile platforms or built on the Unity engine
  • Experience working with databases, Perforce source control, and .json files