Job Overview:

The Audio Director will be responsible for the overall vision and execution of all audio content for internally developed mobile games at Fox Next. The team is currently working on games based on the Marvel universe and James Cameron’s Avatar. The ideal candidate would not only be an expert in making games sound great, but also in understanding what is best for the player’s experience.

  • Deliver a AAA audio experience for players through your expertise in sound design, dialog processing, music direction, integration and final mixing.
  • Organize a small audio team and define production pipelines and standards.
  • Manage the workload and schedules for internal and external content creators.
  • Manage budgets for audio equipment and external vendors.
  • Collaborate with engineers to build and refine audio tools.
  • Manage priorities to get the most from tight schedules and limited resources.
  • Be the advocate for the audio department and ensure it has all necessary resources.
  • Regularly communicate with the game team and embrace their intent for the player experience.
  • Proactively pursue innovative ways to perfect the player experience through sound.
  • 8+ years experience in video game development with multiple titles shipped.
  • Experience shipping titles for mobile devices (ie. iOS and Android).
  • Experience shipping at least one title using Wwise.
  • Experience working in DAW workstations, such as Nuendo, Pro Tools, REAPER, etc.
  • Experience with multiple game engines (i.e. Unity, proprietary, etc.).
  • Experience with task tracking and version control software (JIRA, Perforce, etc.).